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    Walgreens fires armed employee...

    Link Removed
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    Best option for a first time buyer/low-mid budget?

    Absolutely 'Ditto'! Your limited budget could then stand to buy a good solid holster (used or new) plus something for extra ammunition (pouches or speed strips (my choice)). I suggest you make it to one of the gun shows in your area (or nearby) so you can handle various weapons and check...
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    Pheasant Hunting in NH

    You can find NH pheasant hunting locations on Game Bird Hunts Link Removed - you can also look in adjoining states at the website. Previous poster is correct - some good bird hunting in Kansas, as well as in west OK and the panhandle of TX. I prefer wild birds instead of pen-raised/released...
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    200 mil to care for Chinese muslims?

    Has this nation completely run off the rails - we are planning to give the island of Palau (a nation of 20,000), some 200 Million dollars to keep the 17 uighur (muslim) chinese that we don't want to send back to China because they will be possibly 'persecuted'? This country is not taking care...
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    Word of warning!

    Maybe others will benefit from my stupidity. I purchased a "new" S&W 360PD from a large dealer at the last Fort Worth gun show. Got it home, and put it aside for a couple weeks while waiting on a set of Crimson Trace grips. Grips came and while getting ready to install them I noticed the front...
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    Slide release on a Kimber

    The slide stop / takedown lever will experience some wear if used constantly as the 'slide release'. Personally, I think the slingshot method is the way to go - whether both hands or one hand is available. Here is an interesting assessment of all of the methods at Link Removed .