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    Glock 43

    Yes? No?
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    AR500 armor

    Look to purchase my own body armor when on patrol ..... Any reviews on the AR500 armor? Looking at the Level III ASC Curved armor.... Your thoughts?
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    Ffl or not?

    I want to purchase a weapon from Alabama, but I live in Louisiana. Do I need to have it sent to and from an FFL?
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    Louisiana SB 303 -

    We are voting on November 6, 2012 to enhance our 2nd Amendment rights.....
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    Hammerless Revolver for My Wife?

    Looking to purchase a hammerless revolver for my wife. (She can't pull back the slide on either my Kahr CW9 or my G19), any suggestions??????
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    M&P Shield

    Well? Is it the really the next weapon to purchase?
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    2 or 3 Gun safes

    Any recommendations?
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    Concealed Carry in Casinos?

    I have a Louisiana CWP. I visit Louisiana Casinos on a regular basis as well as the Mississippi Gulf Coast casinos. Is concealed carry legal in Louisiana and Mississippi Casinos?
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    Glock guide rods?

    What is all the fuss about replacing the plastic guide rod with a heavier one? What will the difference be in the weapon?