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    NRA Classes in Clovis

    Just got an email from Patriot Outdoors listing tentative plans for hosting NRA training classes. If anyone is interested, be sure to sign up so all the classes can be offered. The following is taken from the Patriot newsletter: "NRA Counselor to Conduct Training at Patriot Outdoors...
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    Homeowner With Gun Hesitates And Robbery Turns Tragic

    This is the first murder in my hometown this year. A 69 year old man was stabbed to death by a knife-armed robber. It sounds like the robber stabbed him, then stole his gun, although it is unclear whether the homeowner had immediate access to his gun. It's also odd that the murderer is not...
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    "Unregistered Antique Gun Was Used in Shootings"

    Found this posted on another forum. Sadly, it is not very positive for gun owners. Link Removed There are many sides to this story, but I think a lot of people screwed up here. From the state to the parents themselves.
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    propose NM CCW statute changes

    I'm in... I think you guys have some stellar ideas. I feel that in order to gather the support needed, the "word" really needs to get out. Not just for the few of us on this site. Maybe an email of concerns that can be passed around to as many NM shooting buddies we can get. I would write...
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    What are your carry variables?

    I carry with no round chambered and safety off. I worry about the consequences of response time and failing to properly rack the slide, but I feel safer.