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    Non-Resident License

    In 2010, I received my PA NR LTC (from Centre County) based on my Ohio CCW. In September 2011, we moved from Ohio to Oklahoma, thus invalidating my Ohio CCW. Was my PA LTC also invalidated at that point? I have not yet applied for or received an OK permit.
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    Don't hit 90# on your phone

    I'll let you chose your link: Link Removed
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    Off-Duty Detroit Police Shooting

    Well, they've supposedly clarified how it hit her in the chest. Link Removed
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    Off-Duty Detroit Police Shooting

    Can't wait to hear how this one plays out. Off-duty Detroit cop, carrying a department-issue .40 cal S&W (model, anyone?) in some sort of belt holster, dancing with his wife at a party. Another woman comes up behind him, hugs him. Weapon fires, hitting the second woman in the chest. She...
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    Woman held at knifepoint, sue township for $5M

    Say it with me, boys and girls. "The Link Removed an individual, only the public at large." Lawsuit should be thrown out quickly, as the officer obviously did his duty, in that he protected the public at large.
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    Metcalf Gun Shows Whining to Their Competition

    So there's a new gun show promoter in town, by the name of Link Removed. He promises "No beanie babies, candles or flea market items allowed." He's gotten tired of all of that kind of stuff at what's supposed to be a gun show. Table prices are reasonable, and he charges $6 at the door, or $5 for...
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    Smallest Effective Caliber for Self-defense

    What is the smallest caliber gun you trust to protect yourself? My personal favorite defense gun has always been a Beretta Jetfire in 22 short. Over all the years I've been hiking I never leave without it in my pocket. Of course we all know too the first rule when hiking in the wilderness is...
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    Homeland Security and Abortion Industry

    If Spike Lee and the NBPP were wrong in what they did to Zimmerman, then isn't Benham wrong for handing out "Wanted" posters with doctor's names and photos on them? Especially in view of the murders of some doctors? Link Removed If anti-abortion organizations are serious about wanting to save...
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    FedEx Terre Haute, IN

    There are many independent shipping stores around. No one says you have to go to a FedEx store to ship FedEx. :) Link Removed And UPS Stores are franchises anyway. Most of them ship whatever way you want.
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    Whats your opinion on the florida shooting?

    Funeral director who prepared Martin's body said there were no bruises or indicative injuries to his hands. Link Removed That article also says the timestamp on the police video is 40 minutes after the shooting.
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    Whats your opinion on the florida shooting?

    By the way: we're famous here. Link Removed
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    Whats your opinion on the florida shooting?

    Oh. My. Gosh. I'm stunned. Stunned, I tell you. I've heard people say that Martin had beaten Zimmerman to a bloody pulp, and I didn't believe them. I thought for sure they were exaggerating. Sure they were making it up. Link Removed, and I'm a believer now. Just look at how bloody Zimmerman's...
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    A fun game of spot the shooting gear!

    I think that holster is a Safariland 6280 on a thigh mount.
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    Whats your opinion on the florida shooting?

    Yes, two can play that game. It works better if the photo you're claiming is of the dead kid is actually of the dead kid. Link Removed A lot of people jumped on that bandwagon and few people are admitting their error in doing so.
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    Whats your opinion on the florida shooting?

    Location, if anyone is interested: 1231 Twin Trees Lane Sanford FL - Google Maps Edited: Orlando Sentinel map of the shooting - Link Removed