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    Use of Audio/Video recorders

    How many of you have given any thought to using an audio or video recorder if and when pulled over or stopped by a LEO? I personally think this may be a good idea. A do not think most LEO's have any problem with just doing thier job, but once in a while?
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    LCP sight options?

    Does anyone have any ideas for making the sights on a lcp more visible? I got an lcp for a backup, but the sights are nearly gone at arms length. Do you think a dot o white paint would make them visible?
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    legal expenses and specific ammo manufacturers

    I got my cc license in Jan. As part of the lecture, the instructor said that Remington, Federal, and another ammo maker have set aside funds for the costs of ballistics, forensics tests for those who in self defense have a justified shooting. Is this known to be correct?