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  • We all have jobs, saving lives is important to us. Do you think the ATF knows what it is talking about? They approved us! Anyway the AG office will be approving safety bullet shortly. We will be submitting to them this year. Each state is diffrent and some don't need AG office to apporve there safety devices like Florida. Claire
    The reason the patent is small on the site is because it would take a long time to upload those pages. If you want to see the pantent closer you can go to untited states pantent office and take a look.

    About the ATF, your comment was about them having to destroy the safety bullet in order to load live rounds. That is a good thing because it means there is no way the gun can be loaded if the safety bullet is instaled. The ATF loves the safety bullet and they stand by us 100%. the testing passed with flying colors and they do stand by in the integrety of the product thank you for your comment.
    Not proof reading your website... what is the excuse for that, Claire?

    "The BATG tested the Safety Bullet and found that it performed as promised. It totally locks up any firearm it is configured for. The BATF tried to remove the Safety Bullet without using the Ejector Rod and were unable to do so. They then tried to take apart the Safety Bullet to see if they could load a live round inside and wound up destroying the Safety Bullet in the process. The Safety Bullet has passed all Safety Tests with flying colors!!!"

    Have others read it BEFORE you post it.

    On the scans of the patent etc you show in your photos and on the website. Scan and post them at life size or at least at 1024x so people can read them, else why post them?
    groups of instructors ordering safety bullets get a 10% discount and we'll pay shiping! Thought you should know. visit Ultimate Gun Safety Device- fast- easy- inexpensive for ordering and information THANK YOU
    Hi, my name is Claire Worley. I am the daughter of the inventor of the Safety Bullet. The reason I joined this site is to tell people about and explain the Safety Bullet.
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