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    Time it took to get my Virginia Non-Resident Concealed Carry Permit

    I see where resident permit must be processed within 45 days (Link Removed.), but no restriction for nonresident :sad: Link Removed Link Removed
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    Please cite where civilians are prohibited firearms on military bases

    I've been looking and reading and am not seeing where civilians are prohibited from either carrying or transporting firearms on military bases. Can someone help by citing something somewhere please? Especially Ft. Belvoir or Quantico in VA. Army Regulation 190–14, Military Police, Carrying of...
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    No such thing as an "Assault long gun" in MD?! :D

    §4–301, (b) “Assault long gun” means any assault weapon listed under § 5–101(r)(2) of the Public Safety Article. ok, let's look up § 5–101(r)(2) to see how it's defined there... §5–101, (r) “Secondary sale” means a sale of a regulated firearm in which neither party to the sale: (2) is...