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    recent leo encounter

    i was driving thru indy w/an employee to go pick up a car in westernohio for work.The employee was driving 75 in a 55 and was stopped.Indiana state police sergeant approaches me on the passenger side and i've been packing my glock 33 since the il.atate line.The point of this is HE DIDN"T EVEN...
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    ill. resident w/utah permit

    are they going to invalidate the issued utah permit for out of staters?
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    glock 32

    i've acquired a used glock 32 that was a le turn in.Could i expect any trouble?Someone said the caliber is a barrel burner?Any input would be appreciated.tia
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    p239 in .357 sig

    anyone have any experience w/this caliber/platform?Your input would be appreciated.tia
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    nh permit out of state

    i live in illinois but have an indiana and utah permit cani apply for a nh permit using my illinois address?tia
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    detroit carry

    do any of you carry in deepest darkest detroit?How does that work?did the local city government give ccw ers a hard time or did they give up?How do the cops in detroit like it?Iask because i'm from chicago and local cops i know always like to say how they would be un comfortable w/folks carrying...