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  • I just wanted to comment on the "Little Shop of Horor" news article on the Georgia Gun shop. Give me a break! Lets disregarding any possible constructive analysis or any problem solving suggestions.

    This artical is wreckless, fanatical and fantasized. Yes, Straw Purchases are illegal, dangerouse and irresponsible. But these journalists didn't find this information by investigational reporting. It was Handed to them from LAW ENFORCEMENT who had made multiple arrests! Yeah journalists!

    These journalists just want to climb to the top of the dung heap and yell, look at me! (Why would anyone want to be the white spec on top of a chicken terd!?)

    Gun ownership is a constitutional right, it is a privalage to live in a country that is governed by this constitution. Treat your freedoms as a privalege and protect them! Journalism like this will only help take them away! Please do your part and encourage your associates to do the same.
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