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Ayako's big misty eyes looked blankly over the shoulder of the night and looked into the flood and famine of the universe. Everything in front of her was discrete, and the flickering light and shadow were flowing. One moment near, one moment far, one moment clear, one moment.. "Ah.." With a shrill scream, Ye Weiyang felt the person under his body stiffen in an instant. Ayako Watanabe opened a pair of frightened eyes. He saw the shadow of another person in her eyes. Qi Shaoting stood firmly beside the bed, petrified! The first chapter is the cruel story of youth. 22. It's not a dream "Ah.." With a shrill scream, Ye Weiyang felt the person under his body stiffen in an instant. Ayako Watanabe opened a pair of frightened eyes. He saw the shadow of another person in her eyes. Qi Shaoting stood firmly beside the bed, petrified! He knew from the beginning that it could not be a dream, because it could not be dreamed in a strange dream. He only found on the way that Ayako had forgotten to take away the strawberry cheese tower of the night, but accidentally saw the entangled human body through the half-open door. At that moment, heaven and earth turned into black and white, and it took a long time for everything in front of us to return to normal color. Qi Shaoting did not understand why he could remain so calm, or that the impact was so strong that it crossed the threshold of his brain's work, so it crashed. Or maybe the incident was so bizarre that it was beyond his current experience in life, so he was at a loss. Yes,Magnesium Oxide price, he doesn't know what he should do, what he wants to do, what else he can do? At this moment, even instinct has not yet reacted. The corners of Ye Weiyang's mouth curved beautifully, and he retreated from Ayako's body and began to dress slowly. Ayako was so frightened that she could not even speak, but subconsciously pulled up the sheets to cover her body. Qi Shaoting looked at the man in surprise: so calm,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP, peaceful and indifferent! Finally, there is a burst of rage in my heart, well, seize the impulse of this moment, Qi Shaoting punched out. Now he doesn't want to think. He just wants to vent. With a scream, Ayako rushed up to pick up Ye Weiyang, who had been knocked down to the ground. Her voice trembled. "You'll kill him!" "I'm all right!" Ye Weiyang smiled gently at Ayako and wiped away the blood on her lips. Her eyes were like the strange lake water in the dark night, with a mysterious smile: "You are angry!"! For whom? Qi Shaoting couldn't help it any longer. He grabbed Ye Weiyang by the neck and threw him on the bed. He rushed up and wrestled with him. The snow-white sheets wrapped their heads and feet around the two men, like a cocoon, which could not be untied! Ayako stood beside the bed burning with anxiety: "Shao Ting, Shao Ting … …" Please, Magnesium Oxide powder ,caustic calcined magnesite, don't kill him! Suddenly, the human body writhing on the bed stopped! Qi Shaoting lifted the sheet and stood up, his face turning blue, his lips a touch of bright red blood, and his eyes like iron. Shaoting, leave us alone! Ayako knelt down and begged. Qi Shaoting did not look at her and walked straight to the door. One step, two steps, three steps.. Suddenly his body fell and he fainted to the ground. You Ayako stared at Ye Weiyang in amazement and slowly put down the crystal clock in her hand. Don't be afraid! He can't do anything to you. Ye Weiyang's smile is still gentle and stable, but appearing at this time will only make people feel creepy. What to do? "Shall we run away?" Ayako said helplessly? You take me away. "Not good!" "Why?!" "Because.." Ye Weiyang's fingers gently stroked Qi Shaoting's cheek: "I am to him." More interested. !!! Ayako was speechless and looked at Ye Weiyang, suddenly feeling a huge black bat wing on his shoulder, with sharp claws like hooks. Qi Shaoting was awakened by the pain in his head and neck, but was surprised to find himself tied to the head of the bed by hemp rope: "How could this happen?" The voice is full of disbelief! Are you awake? Night Weiyang's face was enlarged in front of his eyes, and Qi Shaoting's fierce struggle almost broke the bedstead. "Be good!"! Don't pull so tight, it will hurt! Night Weiyang gently stroked Qi Shaoting's already red wrist, showing a beautiful smile, but Qi Shaoting just wanted to immediately tear this person, this face, rub to pieces, into the soil. Let go of me! Qi Shaoting roared! "What if I don't?" Ye Weiyang raised his eyebrows and drew his thin bloody lips with his fingertips. Then, when he opened his mouth to bite, he drew back and turned to push aside his hair in front of his forehead, facing the burning eyes: "Do you still have a headache?"? That crystal clock is very heavy! "You.." Qi Shaoting struggled violently, his wrist was worn out by the rough hemp rope, and blood flowed down his arm. Don't move, don't move, I tied it very firmly, you can't untie it! Ye Weiyang lay down on Qi Shaoting's body and looked at the face at close range with one hand holding his lower jaw. Qi Shaoting was furious, but he had no choice but to break free. Another figure flashed before his eyes in a flash of lightning. "Where is Ayako?" He exclaimed? What did you do to her? "She's gone!" "There was something sinister in Ye Weiyang's smile, like watching a well-planned prank." Leave A sense of foreboding rose in Qi Shaoting's heart. Because I told her that the person I really like is you! It was dark in front of Qi Shaoting's eyes. He roared, "Don't you want to die?!"! Are you going to anger the entire yakuza? Ye Weiyang nibbled Qi Shaoting's earlobe with the tip of his teeth: "You've known me for so long!"! Do I look like a deadly person? You.. What exactly do you want to do? "What does it matter to you what I want to do?" Ye Weiyang did not look up at him, the tip of his tongue slid all the way down, biting open Qi Shaoting's clothes buttons with his teeth, he liked to use his teeth-every time he untied one, he drew a circle on his chest with the warm and wet tip of his tongue. What are you doing? Qi Shaoting felt the heat and dryness of his body, and just a slightly gentle struggle became violent again. Nothing. I'll do mine. You keep talking. Night Weiyang's voice with the taste of teasing, with his teeth to feel every muscle,calcium ammonium nitrate price, Qi Shaoting's skin is very tight, wrapped in strong muscle lines, sometimes even can not bite. stargrace-magnesite.com
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