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  • Glad to join this forum! I'm a newbie to concealed carry. I live in Oklahoma and recently filed my CCW paperwork with the state authorities. I realize that just because I've passed a CCW course does not mean I know enough about self defense and the proper (and perhaps) deadly use of a firearm. So, my first actions are to learn intensively using local training in safety and tactics on all methods of self defense. Also, I'm seeking guidance thru forms such as USA Carry. So, if anyone wants to proffer guidance an advice...I'm all ears!
    My plan is to acquire my weapon after I get my CCW permit which , in Oklahoma, is about 90 days. I want something comfortable to ensure I carry most of the time. I've set my sites (no pun intended) on a Glock 26. I welcome differing recommendations/opinions.
    I've rattled long enough! I'm glad to be part of this group!
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