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    Ruger GP100 Barrel length?

    I was looking at the Ruger GP100's in the mid barrel length. I have read the spec sheets and they show 4" or 4.2" barrel length. What is the difference? Is one better than the other? Thanks>>>
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    Does anyone carry the Sig226 conceal?

    Check out the Uncle Mikes inside the pants holster. Link Removed. Its what i use and it fits my full size glock or my compact sigma. I use the open top one, but you might not like carrying a big gun in your waist line for long periods of time. I would get it strong side not center of back.
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    Glock recoil spring?

    A friend of mine has a gen one Glock 17 and he bought it with all the mods at a gun show. It has an all metal recoil spring that is fixed to the guide rod and looks just like the stock recoil spring but it is all metal. It also makes a sound when you work the slide back that I love. I have...
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    AR-15 Question?

    I bought a Bushmaster M4-A1 with the fixed carry handel a few monthes ago. I was Thinking of purchasing an EOTECH HWS sight for it. My question is... Bushmaster sells an upper flat top reciver for a good price. If I make the swap will my fixed front sight from the A1 barrel be in the way of...
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    Stoeger’s New Double Defense

    Can you fire both rounds at once with this shotgun. I'm use to the old hammer style double. The gun seems like it would be alot of fun if you can fire both at once, but if you can't and with the price tag why not get a Rem 870 in an 18" or 20" ? see the gun here Stoeger Double Defense: 21st...
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    S&W Sigma SW9VE review

    I saw a few posts a while back when I first got my SW9VE and I would like to start a new one. I have the SW9VE Allied Forces 9mm Luger. I have heard complaints of failure to feeds and jams, but I have never had this problem with standard 9mm luger ball ammo (115grn. Winchester, Remington, etc.)...
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    Ruger New Vaquero...Question?

    I am thinking about buying one of these in a 45 LC online and I have never messed with one. Does the cylinder free spin when the hammer is down? Are these models easier to have a good action job done on? Would I be waisting my money on this gun or is there a better mod out there? Can any SA...
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    Colt SAA...Overpriced?

    I have allways wanted a Colt SAA .45, scince I was a little kid. When I see these guns at gun shows or pawn shops, etc. They are always asking about $1500 for them. Such as abble ammo shows them for about $1200 and then you look at places like gun broker and they are asking about $1500-$1600...
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    Mauser trigger spring 7.62 1914 HELP

    I have a mauser pistol the 1914 style 7.62, that was given to me when i was a kid and i broke the trigger reset spring taking it apart all those years. Does anyone know where i could find one? It's the spring that pushes the trigger back forward after it is pulled.
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    Colt Lightweight Commander 04860XSE

    What type of safety features does the Colt Lightweight Commander 04860XSE provide. Will the hammer fall from the half cock position when the trigger is pulled like the 80 series? And is it safe to carry a round in the chamber with the hammer down? I'm new to the 1911s, but i would like to...
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    sig 1911 help?

    What type of safety does sig sauer offer on their 1911's. Can you safely carry a round chambered and the hammer down? Because here in oklahoma you can't carry one cocked and locked. I was interested in purchasing the sig 1911 platinum elite carry. If anyone has the facts please help. Thanks!