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    Informing an LEO

    What are the rules in PA for informing a Law Enforcement Officer that your are carrying.
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    Appleseed Projects in S.C. ....

    Just a little promo for two Appleseed events coming up... Anderson: March 19th and 20th (in two weeks!) And Gaston (Columbia) March 26th and 27th I'm not an official representative, but I do like to promote these. I went to one last year and learned a lot and was impressed and I hope...
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    Magazine capacity

    I'm headed up y'alls way next week and will be spending a week in Hartford at a convention. Does Connecticut have any restrictions on magazine capacity for a pistol? I have a connecticut pistol/revolver permit but can't remember and guess I'm too lazy to read through all the B.S. laws... I...
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    Gathering by the range

    Some of my fellow work friends and I 'Gather' every September down near Lake Murray in September... here is a picture from our last meet. Link Removed
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    Appleseed in Anderson Oct 23-24th

    Just wanted to remind everyone here that there will be an Appleseed event up over in Anderson on Oct. 23rd and 24th: 2010 Anderson, SC Appleseed Information if you need more info on exactly what an Appleseed is, goto: Link Removed
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    Appleseed in Anderson June 26 -27

    Just wanted to remind the S.C. folks and specifically the upstate folks that there is a great opportunity next month to improve your rifle shooting and learn and support American History. an Appleseed project: 2010 Anderson, SC Appleseed Information that should be a link to the specific...
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    Selling a handgun in N.C.

    I was just thinking.... the person buying the handgun has to have either a permit to buy from their county sheriff or a concealed carry permit.... Does the seller in a private sale have to have anything besides being a "resident">
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    SC CWP range test question

    Subject to interpretation... Single action to me means shooting a single action revolver where you have to cock the hammer every time you fire. Actually, when I took the practical part of the test.... the first 30 or forty rounds I fired single action with the revolver I was using... then I...
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    Black Powder pistol.

    Both movies were great but don't get fooled by movie hype... changing cylinders in the 1858 is not a snap... it is not much faster than actually loading 5 or 6 rounds in a single action. the 1860 colt is just plan purty... Link Removed
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    I disagree... Put all 50 in the 10 ring and make them work for it... one hole would be nice. I wish I could take the qualification part over again.... I got tired 2/3 of the way through mine: Link Removed
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    SC CWP Class

    Unfortunately, with todays ammo situation the shooting test is a waste of good ammo. I took mine 4.5 years ago and it was fun but I got bored two thirds of the way through the shooting. Link Removed
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    look at this no ccw sign

    send it to me and I'll post it. let's give this a try (but I can tell you straight out it ain't legal) Link Removed
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    I agree, that's the killer with Georgia... but then for $20 (NH or PA permit) it's easy for SC residents to carry in Georgia. So, it's really on Georgia's plate to fix the problem. Link Removed
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    Which states does S.C. recognize now?

    So, about a month ago... some new law was passed that supposedly lets folks from Florida and a few other states carry in S.C. and will also ultimately let us carry in the same if those states have reciprocity... now, how do we find out what states those are... none of the internet 'carry'...
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    Couple CT questions:

    Friend over on the Ruger Forum asked a few questions specifically about Concealed Carry in Ct. Is there any requirement to inform a police officer if you're stopped that you're CCWing? I've read all through the laws and haven't found anything specifically saying you have to. Does anyone know if...