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    A question about Indiana gun show purchases.

    I live in Illinois. A state that Senator **** Durbin has been ruining all his adult life. Since the mass shooting in Orlando he has been on the news talking about gun control. He and most of the left have been trying to restrict gun owners access to firearms here. He claims that people can...
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    FBI Confirms That Donald Trump Was RIGHT About Syrian Refugees!

    Whew, thanks for the post. I feel so much better now. I will cross "Radical Muslim Terrorism" off my list of things to worry about. I will add my TV in it's place.
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    There's a clown in the White House

    In an attempt to reach the young and yet uninsured, Obama has made this video. He is hoping to get them to sign up for Obamacare before the deadline of February 15th. I can't imagine what he was thinking. It was filmed on the same day that Kayla Mueller was confirmed dead. So much for the...
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    Obama warns Christians at the National Prayer Breakfast

    Not at all. It's the fact that there are a few here that are just pot stirrers. The few facts they bring are over shadowed by ridiculous BS. Such as this statement... Quote Originally Posted by GryHounnd That's because Bible thumping extremists are no better than isis. This is just meant...
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    Sarah "the quitta from wasilla" Palin - won't be elected for coherence when the telep

    There is a bipartisan bumper sticker out......It says "Run Hillary" Democrats put it on the back bumper and the Republicans put it on the front.
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    Fulfilled Prophecies of the Last Days

    Just a question for you nogods. You seem to have all the answers. If there are NO Gods, then how can there be Satan? Seems to me, you can't have one without the other. I will hang up now and wait for my answer.
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    State Gas Taxes

    So where is the money being spent????? Good question. If you want to really barf add all the tolls collected and it really becomes a quandary. Our state has..... $45 billion in bond debt • $8 billion in unpaid bills • $140 billion in unfunded pension and health care benefits for state...
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    A story most will never hear

    This happened Saturday on the South side of Chicago. Twin teenage Brothers walking to play basketball, were accosted by 4 thugs demanding one of the twins jacket. When the other brother intervened he was shot in the chest and died at the scene. These 2 brothers were good kids doing the right...
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    Taurus Curve

    Has anyone seen the new Taurus Curve? Just read an article in Guns America and it looks interesting. Anyone have any thoughts on this new gun? Taurus Curve .380 Pocket/Purse Pistol ? New Gun Review
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    How things work in Chicago

    This is a long read but very interesting in that it shows how crime statistics are manipulated. This is not done by the rank and file LEO's but by the higher ups to satisfy the Major and city counsel. Link Removed
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    Chicago Crime Stats Down!

    I agree with your statements. But race needs to be taken out of the factor. While the over whelming majority of those involved are Black and Hispanic you can't back off of taking it to these guys just because of community organizers up roar. One of Chicagos biggest organizers is a "White" Pastor...
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    Obama skips his Aunt Zeituni's funeral, plays Golf instead

    Not much is ever printed or reported about the Presidents extended family or friends. When I saw that he snubbed his Aunt to play golf it now makes sense. How sad. She was good enough to help him do research for his book, but once she was not useful to him he forgot about her. Where are the...
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    Otis McDonald Dies at age 80

    Otis McDonald died yesterday. He was the man that took on the Chicago gun ban, and beat the city of Chicago, overturning the cities hand gun ban. We need more brave Americans willing to challenge 2nd Amendment violations. ABC Chicago reports... April 4, 2014 (CHICAGO) (WLS) -- The retired...
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    What is this rifle?

    This rifle has hung in the rafters of our house for over 40 years. We believe it was owned by my uncle, who served in WWll. The condition is poor and I think my little brother tried taking it apart many years ago. So there are some screws etc. missing, stock is beat up. I don't expect it has...
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    Couple new (to me) old guns

    Just got these 2. An AMT Backup .380 and a S&W 639 9MM. Neither had been shot in at least 20 Years. Cleaned the Smith and it shoots real nice. The AMT was not firing right. I could not figure out how to get it apart to clean it so I took it into the gun smith. He said it was not easy to get...