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  • Due to the high demand ,as this growing sport of of airsoft and paint ball shooting ha s taken off. Ive introduced duracoating, and hydrodipping our gun, and all equipment if ou like , to help blend ou in with the environment. The products, i use, are all rust proof, no corroded parts, after a fight in the rain.i guarantee m services. If ou have an questions on this, or an other gun related matter, please call us.561 635 0000..or, website, where ou can see some of the work, and colors. We can trick out our stuff at a competitive price, and the turnaround is usuall 4-7 days, all depends. Im in west, west palm bch.near the southern blvd shooting center.blackwolfcustomglockshop.com, or e-mail me at, [email protected] We, can answer any, and all questions you may have. Stand out above the rest, with a beautiful weapon, people will admire. They ll be asking, where can i get that.
    Today, i recieved a totally corroded, rusted nasty sears and robuck shotgun. Customer wants it totally refinished. Ill post my work in 7 days hen done.
    Hello, im new to this site. Im a certified, duracoat, and hydrodip applicator, here in the great state of florida. Ive been doing this work for 5 years, and am good at it, and reasonable, as well as i have 2 other employees, with a fast turnaround. You can, either call directly, or check out the website, or e-mail us. 561 635 0000, blackwolfcustomglockshop.com, or [email protected] for looking, if you have any questions, please dont hesitate to contact us...BLACKWOLFCUSTOMGLOCKSHOP.COM
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