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    WiFi access in Burger King

    I was having lunch at Burger King today and thought I'd check out the USA Carry forum. Hooked myself into their free wifi and looked up USA Carry. Tried to open the site and was denied by Burger Kings system. It stated reason "Weapon". I was quite suprised and asked for the manager. She...
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    NRA Members???

    Some interesting reading for all of you..... 1st link is from the Washington Post and is from a few years ago..... Link Removed 2nd is a transcript which Neil Knox testifies in Congress...
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    Blue Training Guns

    Looking to add to my blue training gun selection. Currently I have a Glock 17, and a S&W 36. I was thinking of adding either a S&W M&P or a SIG 226... Thoughts?
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    Was in the mid-50's here in Colorado yesterday(1-26) so I broke out the spiining gear and headed down to Arkansas river to see if there was enough open water to fish. Found some good spots and got to work. It was a bit slow in the morning but shaped up nicely in the afternoon. Took quite a...
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    Self Defense Insurance

    Try this link to the NRA Link Removed My homeowner insurance through Farm Bureau Insurance covers defense issues inside my home...
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    Petition to deport Piers Morgan

    He should be deported immediately for his comments against the Constitution of the US. Maybe the NRA and other Pro gun groups should create our own petition and present it to Congress instead of the White House. I am sure with millions of signatures instead of thousands it would draw...
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    Colorado Governor Talks Gun Control

    The man signs the legalization of pot in defience of Federal law then decides that the time is ripe to talk gun control. Busy week for the Gov... The article even refers to a possible presidential bid but he says he is too moderate. If he decides to go down the control path he might as well...
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    Bolt-Action Gun Building

    When you shoot for a world record at 1000 yards this is what you would use. Joel Prendergast used it in 2009 to shoot a 3" group. Link Removed Not quite the rifle one would envision... I am sure that Matt Kline shot a similar firearm when he broke Prendergast's record with a 2.815" at 1K...
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    Bolt-Action Gun Building

    Just so you can see I'm not talking out of the side of my mouth. Here are a couple of photos of my current Mauser project and a couple of the Winchester M70 I just finished... I bought the Mauser in a semi a sporterized form. The only thing that will be part of the original rifle will be...
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    ~More Corruption~

    Unfortunately he'll probably have the same luck Marion Barry did. Do some slammer time then get elected again as mayor. Now he is getting the title "Mayor for Life... The ignorance of the voting public amazes me. The man was a convicted criminal for drugs no less in a city that the drug...
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    Are we really suprised??

    With all the hopla and money wasted the Adams County DA said there will be no charges filed against Mapes who openly carried at the Cinebarre in Thorton, Colorado... Glad the DA decided not to test the state law..... Man Who Brought Gun To Thornton Theater Won’t Be Charged « CBS Denver
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    It is official... Instructor Certs came today..

    My certifications came and I am officially a NRA Certified Instructor........
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    Damn those coomercials

    She has never paid attention to anything else why did she have to pay attention to those commercials....... Link Removed
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    California will lead the way.... For Gun Control

    Since the gov't won't do anything three states are considering their own form of bans... Of course they are California who decided to let an illegal alien take the bar exam along their financial issues are prompting their cities to declare bankruptcy. Yup they lead the way right down the...
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    Gun Control really works in Chicago just ask the President

    The President has final been called on the carpet to speak about the out of control murder and crime rate in his hometown of Chicago.... Seems even his best bud Rahm can't seem to get it in inline. See Mr President gun controls really works for those who have them.... The criminals that...