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    If not sheepdog, then what?

    I would like to just sketch a hypothetical situation and see where people stand. From the sheepdog thread, it is obvious that there are some strong reasons for and against identifying with that term. I did accept it but maybe I don't have the same understanding of its meaning as others do...
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    Open Carried at the supermarket, is that weird?

    I always carry herr glock, and I was only wearing a fleece, so I figured I might as well let it hang out there because I probably wasn't going to fool anyone. Anyways, that's the first time I did that and this was a confession. Idk if I got any weird looks.
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    Open Carry "Harassment" in Philly - be smart!

    Thank you, that is exactly what I meant.
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    Henry Lever Action .22 LR Opinions

    Does anyone have one of these? Does anyone have experience with HRA in general. I want to get a lever action .22 and would appreciate some opinions. Thank you!
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    Rioting in London

    The battle of Trafalgar Square: Police struggle to control rioters after 500,000-strong London march against cuts ends in violence | Mail Online Scary stuff. Lets all hope none of this happens here. But more importantly, lets all be ready to protect our families, homes, communities and nation...
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    FireFox 4

    Anyone? It's pretty sweet They took the best elements of chrome and ff and made them one. ++GPU Acceleration hooray!
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    Does anyone have any opinions on guns made with scandium aluminum alloy? It seems like it might just be hype but I don't have one. Has anyone put a lot of rounds through some of these guns? Are they worth it? Do they break? never break? Thanks!
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    Anti Gun Businesses, Send Them a Message

    Would anyone be interested in creating a document specifically for mailing/emailing to businesses, protesting their anti-gun policy? A good starting place would be a quick outline of the most persuasive arguments for a business to allow people to carry on their premises. After that it might be...
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    WA- What ID do I have to show if...

    I am pretty sure that I am obligated to show my CPL if I am stopped for a traffic violation, or something else similar. I know that I have to show it if I am involved in a shooting. What would happen if someone saw my gun, called the cops (even though I did nothing illegal), and a cop stopped...
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    Obama to now push more gun control

    This is completely ridiculous. This is why the founders never meant for an expansive and powerful federal government. Now we have some assholes in Washington DC telling us what we can and can't have. Excuse me? We tell you what we can and can't have. @THE ATF good luck when we elect even more...
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    lol, love to see the liberals squirming at this one Link Removed
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    Olympic College, Bremerton

    Would anyone be interested in petitioning the administration to allow CCW holders to carry on school grounds? It isn't illegal by state law to carry on a college campus and I don't think that a law abiding citizen should fear expulsion for acting like an American. Anyways, this is just a feeler...