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    About SJ Riot

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    For what it is worth

    Who died and made Snopes the internet truth king? Funny how the article's only evidence that the story is false is claiming the MSM didn't announce it and that WND's disclaimer states that content is satire. This from Snopes founder: David Mikkelson founded in 1994, and under his...
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    : VERY Interesting political questionnaire.

    We already have about 450 of them in DC!!!
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    Has anyone used one of those Archangel Stocks on a Mosin before? Been thinking about it lately and it looks very simple but just wondering if there are any downsides. Photos of them look fantastic.
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    What is the most ridiculous gun range rule you've experienced?

    This range prohibited steel and aluminum cased ammo on the grounds that smoke emitted from the ammo would clog their air filtration system not ruin their backstop.
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    What is the most ridiculous gun range rule you've experienced?

    Same should hold true for brass cases as well.
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    Guns & Ammo Editor Nearly Shoots Himself Proving That Serpa Holsters Suck.

    I use one all the time for IDPA and USPSA events. It works like bofh explained. My finger comes to rest on the slide when the weapon is presented. I actually like mine and have no plans to change it out. Never heard about the dirt issue before but I could see how that could happen if .
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    New guns!!

    Just added a Glock 20SF and a Glock 43 to my collection. A belated Christmas gift to myself. I have shot the G20 before but never had one myself. My EDC was a Glock 23C so the G43 will now take over those duties. Have taken the G43 to the range and ran a few dozen rounds through it. Recoil was...
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    The best gun store sign!

    The best sign I have seen in a while. Link Removed
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    Help with CCW .40

    Damn, that 10mm is crazy. Looks like a tactical nuke has gone off.
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    72 year old arrested for having flintlock pistol in New Jersey

    Yes but they still have his flintlock. Would be willing to bet it ends up in the collection of one of the pigs that arrested him.
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    Weird actions in Firefox.

    Link Removed When I run BOINC on my laptop it will maxed out all eight cores. I have no idea how much heat the CPU is putting out when running that high but the fan runs all the time.