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    Traveling across country from Va to CA

    Do not. I repeat, do not, get caught with a handgun in NY without a NY permit. NY PL 400 dictates that a permit from NY is required for any possession of a handgun, and only handguns specifically listed on said permit. Yes, you have federal protection traveling through NY from the FOPA, if...
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    Looks like Nanny Bloomberg won't go after anyone who has the ability to fight back. Just like a libertard. The Big Gulp vs. The Big Apple - the winner isssss - The Big Gulp Mayor Bloomberg won't even take on 7-Eleven's Big Gulp and exempted it from his fight against obesity drink size...
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    Toddler with a Gun

    This kid's dad must be an LEO, as isn't Chicago a gun-free zone to keep us safe? Since we know that gun bans are fool-proof and always work, this must an LEO's child....:fie: U.S. News - Routine traffic stop reveals toddler holding a handgun, Chicago police say
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    We are Headed in the Right Direction??

    So, Connecticut yesterday removed the death penalty and voted to legalize marijuana. Now, the EEOC wants employers not to be able to use criminal histories in employment decisions. Time to move. Bottom Line - New rules set on background checks for job seekers
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    Trying to carry in Vegas

    Ok, I'm headed to Las Vegas for a meeting and have an Arizona permit so, I know I'm ok in NV. I have done a lot of research on the statutes and have not found any mention of casinos. The gun buster signs seem to have no legal weight but is there anything that anyone can point me to about casinos...
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    TSA pats down 4-year-old after she hugs grandmother

    The issue is who is working for the TSA. These are the same morons that worked there pre-9/11 with fancy uniforms and shiny gold shields on their chests. Go to JFK Airport, and you will be frightened at who is in charge of security screening. I had personally witnessed one TSA Agent break out in...
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    Zimmerman gets Bail

    At least the court wasn't bullied by the media and the likes of Sharpton and Jackson Link Removed
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    True "Neighborhood Watch"

    We hear of the sloths and losers in the news. They publicize to the nth degree all of the missteps by our tired soldiers and politicize every issue that happens. Why are these stories like Sgt. Weichel not front page? A true "neighborhood watch" hero. Unfortunately, the neighborhood was in...
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    Trayvon Martin died because of pot

    There is no doubt that we are in an over litigious society in both civil and criminal courts. My issue, however, is the suppression of evidence and the rush to judgement. I wish half of those screaming for an arrest would be detained and held for the whole 48 hours based on someone just wanting...
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    Trying to Carry in Ohio

    Well, I have a trip to a conference planned for the upcoming weekend and have been trying to educate myself and plan my route. My final destination is Columbus, OH and I have several permits that they recognize so, I will be taking my handgun with me. In order to avoid the stop, disarm, start...
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    A media lie!

    This story MUST be a complete fabrication. The hospital has a VERY STRICT no weapons policy for employees AND a no weapons sign at each entrance. Therefore, since we all know that these two are VERY EFFECTIVE against criminals, this story must be a lie. Good cinematography though. It sure looks...
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    Fiddling While Rome Burns

    Those who don't study history are damned to repeat it. If this isn't the modern day event of the post title, I don't know what is. It makes me sick that people actually believe this fool.
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    Let me get this straight

    So this guy has been living and working as a teacher illegally? Good background check system. Oh, wait, he was teaching at an Islamic center. The laws don't apply there. Really? Come on. What is this election about does the public think? Seems to me like Connecticut needs to secede with...
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    Only the Cops should have Guns

    This will fix all the crime....oh, wait...
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    Thank You Mexico!

    Mexico President Felipe Calderon's message to US: 'No more weapons! Now, it's our fault. Just what Mohammed Obama and the Libertards need. Link Removed Maybe, just maybe, if he kept his drug lords under control and hired a non-corrupt police force, we wouldn't be blaming the guns. How about...