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    Recieved my LTC today.

    Went to the mailbox today hoping my Lifetime LTC would be in there. Sure enough it was. It took them around 60 days even though I filled out my paperwork using the supposedly faster online application. All's good, I have it now. Now I'm out for my first carry experience. It will be concealed. I...
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    Don Hume or Galco

    I'm looking into getting the Galco concealed carry belt slide. I just recently saw the Don Hume belt slot open top. Which do you people think would be the best option? Better quality and the like for my Sig 239 9mm. Thanks for you opinions ahead of time.
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    Range today

    I went to the range today with a few friends, and about a dozen different handguns. We shot everything from a little .22 to .40 Glocks to .45 1911s. Out of all of them my favorite were the Kahr T9 and my Sig 239 9mm. Every time I shoot the Sig it thoroughly amazes me. I get awesome groupings...
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    Costa Rica

    Anyone know where I could find out about any laws regarding carrying in CR?
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    LEO at my house today.

    I applied for my LTC two days ago here in Indiana. Filled out all paperwork provided by the PD and was told I was all set and I'd have it in around 30 days. This morning before work as I'm pulling out I look in the rear view mirror and there's a unmarked Crown Vic pulling in behind me. I get out...
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    Open Carry / Printing laws in Indiana?

    I'm in the process of getting my CCW. I need to know the law regarding open carry here in Indiana. If concealed carry only, then what if my weapon peeks out from under my shirt? Could I get into trouble for that? Thanks for your help.