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  • Yes, I was in B-52's; first assignment out of UPT (last class of Greenville, Miss.) to Wurtsmith AFB in the "H" model even before the first delivery. Then to Castle AFB to become the youngest B-52 instructor pilot. I was also a member of the base pistol team. I finished the first tour at Griffiss AFB in late 1965 and entered the airline industry (Pan Am) in San Francisco. We may have crossed paths around that time in SE Asia.
    My thanks to you for all you did for this generation. Unfortunately, those grave concerns are all too real. The next sets of generations are scaring the living crap out of me. Instant gratification, no sense of earning anything...
    Welcome to America, once home to the free and the brave - now on the fast track to becoming morally and financially bankrupt.

    Ah well, that's why I'm still in, one it's a job, two, I still believe in the people and that they can be taught right from wrong.

    Best wishes to you and yours. Enjoy the site, there are a lot of really good people here.

    As a retired Air Force member and a fairly recent CCW licensee, I am please to join a group that is pro-self defense and pro gun. We seem to be a dwindling comodity in this age. I look forward to learning much from this group.
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