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    New Hampshire - The Next Constitutional Carry State?

    New Hampshire Could Become the next Constitutional Carry State | Action Alerts | State
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    House Bill 135 Update (Bill to repeal Stand Your Ground)

    N.H. Senate panel hears out supporters, opponents of 2011 ?stand your ground? law | Concord Monitor
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    New Permit In Tilton, NH

    Applied Monday March 18, Tilton PD just called today on the 20th and told me my CCW permit was ready to be picked up. Only two days to process! No complaints here!
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    Federal mentally ill gun registry conflicts with Oklahoma state law

    I live in NH now but I grew up in Oklahoma City and I still have family there. I follow the Oklahoma news and found this: Link Removed
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    Competing Bills Would End Concealed Weapon License Requirement

    I always marvel at how the liberal media makes us think mayhem will ensue from folk carrying legally. Dishonest folk will continue to carry illegally regardless of what laws are in effect. Passing a law such as this will give them a opportunity to wonder if that next person they are going to...
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    Anti-gun carrying comments are fundamentally flawed

    Anti-gun carrying comments are fundamentally flawed |
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    Wally-World Experience

    I was at my local Wal-Mart tonight (Sanford) and I bought some .22 ammo for target shooting. I was a bit taken aback when the clerk asked if the ammo was for a pistol or a rifle .... to my knowledge there are no Maine state laws requiring him to do so. Let me explain that I am a law abiding...
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    .45 ACP 230 Grain HST at Rileys

    FYI I was in Riley's in Hooksett this morning and they had 50 round boxes of Federal HST in .45 ACP 230 grain normal (not +P) loading for $30 a box. Won't last long ... Don't hoard, I only needed one so I only bought one. David
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    Finally Got My Maine Resident Permit

    I just installed night sights on my Walther PPS and I haven't had a chance to take it to the range to sight it in. So I slipped my Rocket Man IWB holster on with my Walther PPK .380 and went shopping. Besides the grocery store I went to Cabella's (large sporting goods chain). I had seen the...
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    Need Feedback - Considering A .45 Glock

    I currently own a .40 S&W Taurus 24/7 Pro DS, it's back at Taurus after firing 60 rounds (not "hot" rounds nor reloads, just "stock" rounds) because of this: Thread When it returns I plan on trading it (plus money) for a .40 Glock, I'm looking at the G23. The only Glock I've ever fired was a 9...
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    Damaged Taurus 24/7 Pro

    Hi all. Hope this isn't normal -- I have a brand new Taurus 24/7 Pro DS in .40 S&W. Been less than 30 days since I purchased it. My girl friend and I went to the range and put 60 rounds through it today. I put 10 Hornady self-defence rounds through it just to see the difference in feel between...
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    LEO Encounter in Maine

    I just submitted my CCW application today. In Maine you usually submit it to your local police department. As a part of the application process they are required to take a photograph. After the officer had taken my picture and as I was leaving he said it was a pleasure meeting me. Then he...
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    Handgun Safety Course for CCW

    I was in the USAF from 1973-1993. I have my DD Form 214. Does this satisfy the handgun safety course requirement? David
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    Handgun Safety Course for CCW

    ... and just how does one find these classes in their area (Sanford in my case)? David