Disabled combat vet, 3 tours, 1 in Iraq and 2 in Afghanistan.

Hunting, Shooting, Camping, Climbing, Hiking, anything outdoors
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  1. Firearms Instructor
Security Contractor
Carry Gun
.40 cal Springfield XD subcompact
All Firearms
Remington 870 12 ga., home built M-4, Ruger .22, Remington 700 .308, Glock 19, Sigarms 5.56, Bushmaster AR15 in 6.8mm, .357 S&W, Mossberg 500, M-1 carbine, 9mm Baretta, Springfield Armory 1911 EMP in .40 S&W,
NRA, Gun Owners of America, Michigan Gun Owners, DAV, NWTF,