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  • Have you been able to target practice anymore? Get back with me when you can. I work a lot so it might be a couple days for me. either way. Peace.
    Yeah i plan on taking the advanced pistol shooting class at my gun club to hopefully be able to do that while moving. By the way that's a t-shirt i picked up from The Gun House in St. Joe MI. They are very nice people.
    Watervliet rod and gun club has really nice instructors. They won't make you feel dumb like a lot of advanced shooters seem to do. They are also very confident in their teaching. They said if you've never touched a pistol before (which i have not before my cpl class) they will teach you to get groups like you see on the avatar pic. I was extremely happy with what they taught me.
    Hello, I'm so new to this board and guns you can smell the new gun odor on me. I'm looking for my first handgun in SW MI and am looking forward to learning from all of you.
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