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    My Pot O' Gold

    Got me a 1400 round bucket O' bullets for $75. Woo hoo!!:cool: Ya don't see these very often lately.
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    NAA $9 holster

    Here is a cool holster I found for my NAA .22M revolver.
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    Michigan implied consent

    Under MI law, an officer can demand a test for alcohol or drugs if he suspects you are carrying concealed. I am assuming the fact you have a CPL is enough for probable cause. ---------- Carrying Under the Influence An individual licensed to carry a concealed pistol shall not possess a...
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    Wonder who was defending himself.

    Police say two motorists are dead following a road-rage-fueled shooting at a car wash in Ionia. The Sentinel-Standard of Ionia reports a 43-year-old man and a 56-year-old man pulled their vehicles into the driveway of the Wonder Wand Car Wash about 7 p.m. Wednesday and exchanged gunfire with...
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    silencers are scary.

    Here they go again. Blame the NRA for everything. Oh. And throw in a few scary BS campfire story Hypotheticals for good measure.
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    registration leads to confiscation.
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    SURPRISE! Media Misinformation on Boston Bomber

    I heard the media "explaining" over and over that the police would not "Mirandize" the suspect immediately due to public safety concerns. They strongly implied that you DO NOT have any rights until the police "grant" them to you. Seriously? These people are idiots and should not be paid to spew...
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    Congress mislead us?

    This is my FB post regarding the latest Presidential shenanigans.
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    Gun Control is BS!!

    Nice Gun Control video
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    It's not a Gun Problem!
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    When is a Defense Weapon an Assault Weapon? WHEN YOU (civilians) OWN IT!
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    Letter to Democrat MI Senator

    Dear Senator Stabenow, I recently read an article in which you were quoted as saying you may not vote for the extreme Gun Control bills being proposed by other members of your party. If this is true, for that, I would like to applaud you and say "thanks." While you have been called upon to...
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    NY State: First Blood is Drawn.
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    legislating NEEDS?

    We all need to let Congress know it is not their job to legislate our NEEDS. Just because an ignorant politician doesn't think I need it, doesn't mean it is their right to pass a law banning it. No one NEEDS a 400 HP car that can go 180 MPH. Not illegal unless you go over the speed limit. No...
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    ENABLE your comments!

    When posting a blog, please enable comments, or you will get none. There are a few on here that ask a question but we cannot answer because comments are not enabled. Otherwise, starting a "forum" thread would be more appropriate. Andrew