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    Movie Theater Carry

    I Open Carry all the time now, and I've had nothing but good experiences with it. The Nike Store, Bed Bath and Beyond, TJ Max, Starbucks, Safeway, Albertson's, and numerous other establishments have given me no grief for carrying openly. Last night, however, I really had to think about whether...
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    AR-15 build issue..

    Building my own AR, on a budget and taking my sweet time. Well, I went to my local shop yesterday to buy a stripped lower receiver as the next piece of my awesome puzzle, and, to my surprise, you must be 21 to buy a stripped lower. WHAT?!?! I said to the clerk... Well, you can make a pistol out...
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    Open Carry Eugene, Oregon

    Just an update. I've been open carrying around Eugene the past week or two, and I have good news...No freaked out people!!!...yet. Today I went fishing on the Willamette River in Alton Baker Park, middle of the day. I even walked past a Sheriff Deputy and an inmate work crew (I tried my best to...
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    Open Carry Confidence

    I'm from Baker City Oregon where I open carry all the time, mostly because I'm never in town and I'm usually out in the woods and I feel comfortable doing it there. I live in Eugene for school and I have been experimenting with open carry here. I can't carry on campus( it's legal now, but the...
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    Glock vs. XDm vs. M&P Grip Angles

    I'm looking at buying either the XDm 3.8 9mm compact or the S&W M&P Compact 9. I have compared all of their notable features and have decided that it's down to grip angle. (aka, when I point the gun eyes closed then open my eyes, where will the sights be?) When I point a Glock eyes closed and...