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    One Of My Son's Just Came By and Was Bad Pissed Off!

    I'm one of those boys in a hollow in E.KY.Someone following someone to a restuarant and demanding to "see" a gun that someone just said wasn't for sale and then threatening violence in a public place would be dumb, regardless of where you are.
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    Question regarding my LC9

    Link Removed[/B]"]Link RemovedThe recoil on my LC9 isn't bad at all considering the size.The trigger takes some getting used to.It's not that heavy or gritty,but it's loong.Once I shoot a few mags through it, I can put up better groups with it than I can with my G26,just not as consistantly. I...
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    Your EDC

    Link Removed[/B]"]http://Link Removed
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    LCP 9 Versus Glock 27

    Link Removed[/B]"]Link Removed I went through 3 other similar single stack(pocket)nines before I got the LC9.Before my search for a pocket nine I just assumed all guns were reliable(except High Point of course).I had only owned Glock and revolver handguns.I'm not going to throw out brand names...