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    Ruger LC9

    Try here: Link Removed Mostly LCP but a lot of LC9 discussion too.
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    What .40 to carry?

    Actually, according to a BATF survey of guns recovered from crime scenes the Glock didn't even make the top ten. 1. Smith and Wesson .38 revolver 2. Ruger 9 mm semiautomatic 3. Lorcin Engineering .380 semiautomatic 4. Raven Arms .25 semiautomatic 5. Mossberg 12 gauge shotgun 6. Smith and Wesson...
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    Be Careful to Really Know the Law When you Carry:

    Here's a link to a story of a South Bend, Indiana man who was arrested in New York City because he thought, after reading the Handgunlaw site, his Indiana permit was good there. He made a common mistake of thinking the list that showed that Indiana recognized NY meant that NY recognized Indiana...
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    Glock .380 autos for LEO only!?

    For what it's worth here is a link to the form to import a pistol. Glock 26 and 27 don't have enough points as they are sold here. Glock ships them with drift adjustable target sights to gain 5 points and then they are removed here. A 380 gets the same points as a 22 Long Rifle which isn't much...
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    Decision to make if an officer pulls you over for a routine traffic violaiton

    Because in Michigan it's required at the BEGINNING of a traffic stop. There was a court case where an individual didn't becuase the law wasn't clear. They amended the law to make it clear. You must inform even though they usually already know and will certainly know when they run your license...