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    Kahr and Laser Sights

    I just got my new LG-412 Crimson Trace laser sight for my Ruger LC9 - Awesome! I know that word is overused but nothing else seems to fit. Great CCW weapon without the sight; greatER weapon with them. Next up is my tried and true Kahr K40. Anyone have any experience with laser sights for this...
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    Destin Area Gun Ranges

    Anyone got any info on hand gun or long gun ranges in the Destin area? I'm retiring there and I sure want to stay current.
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    Concealed Carry Holster Giveaway from USA Carry

    Concealed Carry Givaway I'd love a RH Super Deluxe for my Kahr K-40, the online video of the holster on that young lady knocked my socks off.Link Removed