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    Pistol transfer help!

    Hello all, been a while since I posted. I purchased a pistol with my CPL that I am holding for my buddy. He doens't have his CPL so we just want to transfer it to him when he gets his purchase permit. My question is, do I also need to fill out the RI-60 (I beleive its called) along with...
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    No hearing protection

    Hey fellow patriots, I was up in good o'l Brohman, MI this weekend getting away from it all and wondered what it would sound like if I actually had to fire some rounds to save my life or someone else's. Needless to say I fired off 3 rounds in a safe manner but with no hearing protection. It...
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    Michigan and Suppressors

    Wondering if anyone has read this. I wasn't sure what issuing an Attorney General Opinion actually meant. Does this mean suppressors are now legal to obtain? AG - Schuette: Federally Registered Noise Suppressors Permitted Under State Law
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    **Flash Mob**

    Take a look at this video, as a store owner, what the heck would you do? They aren't causing harm to anyone, but they are stealing property from whoever owns the place. I'm sure the concequences would be different in each state if you had to use your firearm, but how else could you stop a group...
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    Is it safe to leave your firearm in your vehicle?

    So mounting it under the driver's seat would be ok, i suppose the back would be too.. Is that where you have it mounted?
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    Is it safe to leave your firearm in your vehicle?

    Hey everyone, I've been debating on wether or not I should leave my firearm in my vehicle (if theres a no carry zone) for a long period of time. My main concern is the heat factor. I never crack my windows when leaving my car even if it is hotter than hell outside. So it at all...
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    One in the Chamber?

    Question, for the folks that carry pistols with no thumb safety, do you carry with a round in the chamber? Is there anyone that does not have a round in the chamber when they carry? I don't have one in there for everyone else's safety just in case something were to happen, but I am just...
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    Hunting with concealed carry

    I'm pretty sure i can carry while I'm out hunting, but do I have to carry concealed, or open? I live in Michigan. I found some sites a while back concerning this issue but I am having trouble finding more sources.
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    Convince to carry

    I am a veteran that recently got out of the service after 4 years, I now have my concealed pistol license for the state of Michigan. I live at home for the time being and my parents and girlfriend do not like me carrying my firearm. So i gave up carrying for the time being. My question is...
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    Defend yourself from a minor?

    Evenin, A random question popped in my head today. Could someone get in trouble with the law for defending his/herself from a minor? For example, some 16 year old gang member threatens you or your family. What kinds of things could happen to you if you end up using your gun?
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    S&W M&P 40c Night Sights

    Whats up, I'd like to know if anyone could recommend some awesome night sights for my .40 compact. I looked at Trijicon already, but was wondering if anyone knew some other brands! I hope this post works too cuz my last one was weird. Semper Fi
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    Sights for M&P 40 Compact

    Evening, I am looking for some sights for my M&P 40 compact. I checked out Trijicon already, but was wondering if anyone knew or have any other reccomendations. I'd like some bright ones for night shooting, but still need to be able to see them during the day. Any suggestions?