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    Bye for now

    I figure I won't have the time to do this later since I'm mobilizing next week. I'm not sure what sort of time I'll have when I'm in country... so thanks for the chats. :) Best to everyone, whether we got along or not. Depending on how things go, maybe I'll be back in a month or so... if not...
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    Why do illegal alien criminals do what they do

    Link Removed You hear a lot about these white thugs committing all these various crimes, murder, rape, pedophilia and major drug running and everyone is asking what the hell is going on. What a lot of people forget is, the culture from where they come from is vastly different than what most...
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    Soldiers are getting a Pink Slip

    Because we probably need more low rank enlisted rather than senior enlisted and officers. Its not just about individual qualifications. Sent from my XT557 using Tapatalk 2
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    Only a Small Threat?

    It happens. I dunno why peeps make this stuff up when there is plenty of real issues to discuss. Sent from my XT557 using Tapatalk 2
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    Army Gen. introduces his husband at Pentagon Gay Pride event

    During his 27 years of service he served as Commander of the 112th Signal Battalion (Special Operations)(Airborne), U.S. Army Special Operations Command at Fort Bragg, NC and while deployed for Operation ENDURING FREEDOM in Afghanistan and Operation IRAQI FREEDOM in Iraq. His other deployments...
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    The EMP Threat

    Ok so who can and would pull it off? Don't tell me hackers. Sent from my XT557 using Tapatalk 2
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    Enlisted Information Dominance Warfare Specialist for you non-Navy types. Just passed my test and board. I'm pretty stoked! Not bad for a Reservist! :) 2 more months and I'm on my way to Qatar too... shaping up to be a busy year.
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    Here's your holy war. Iraqi immigrant gunned down in Texas.

    Ahmed Al-Jumaili gunned down in TExas while taking pictures of his first snowfall | Daily Mail Online So what's your take... From some "Christian" peeps posts here, this is probably a good thing. To me, this is murder, and probably a hate crime. Sucks that it happened in my home state too. :(
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    Are you shopping at one of Target’s Islamic sharia-compliant stores?

    Okay................ so how in the world is showing religious accommodation to Muslims suddenly sharia law?
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    Facts can't be denied.

    Ok. But you are providing data that is not very meaningful. I guess that happened. But you're not providing "facts" on why it happened or on who is responsible. You're just trying to make Obama guilty by association without factually demonstrating it.
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    What size is the right size?

    Lmao :) Sent from my XT557 using Tapatalk 2
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    KKK's White Version of Black is Beautiful

    He earned every accolade. Men like him setting good examples certainly would be a part of it too... but when you go back to his service in the 60s, all it would have taken was a wayward glance towards a white woman and his career could have just as easily ended like Emmett Till. Link Removed
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    How the "president" sees it--no war with Islam

    I'm not a fan of anyone using something they consider bad to somehow excuse something else that is being considered bad. Terrible logic. Bad is bad, regardless of something else being bad too. . I certainly believe that some Islamic people are terrorists. However, I also know Muslims that...
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    Kareem Abdul Jabber (the famous Basketball Player) on ISIS

    So in 14 years 72 killed in what, maybe 2-3 attacks? That's not exactly impressive for 12 million rabid Muslims foaming at the mouth to convert us or kill us. FastStats - Accidents or Unintentional Injuries This is just 1 year. . Or how about: Link Removed Again, just 1 year. . So where is...
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    State Department: We can’t stop ISIS by killing them, we need to give them jobs

    That's really not what she said. . She was saying that killing ISIS alone won't stop them, that we also needed to help the national economy to improve so that non ISIS members do not join it out of desperation because of there being no jobs, no hope for a good future, etc. . Very different...