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    Man open carries long gun in Gulfport, MS. Wal Mart

    Link Removed So what do you guys and gals think? Was he pushing the open carry law a bit too far or not?
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    Tips When Stopped By Police and Carrying a Firearm

    Probably a repost, but never hurts to post again.
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    Say it ain't so...........

    NRA surprisingly credited with crafting new anti-gun laws ? RT USA
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    First CT Gun Owner Charged for Unregistered Assault Rifle

    Link Removed And there goes the neighborhood..........
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    More taxes on Guns and Ammo??

    Dem bill would trigger huge new taxes on guns, ammo | Fox News Hope this link works.
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    Nore taxes on Guns and Ammo??

    Link Removed
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    Student suspended and arrested for NRA T shirt

    Link Removed People don't kill people, shirts with guns printed on them do.
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    Felons Don't Have To Register Guns Under the Fifth Amendment

    This is kind of interesting, Link Removed ruled in Haynes vs. U.S. (1968) that convicted felons have a Constitutional right to not register a gun, because to register a gun would be self-incrimination. Only people that aren’t criminals can be punished for not registering. If the criminals...
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    Be careful driving in the snow....

    Not for the faint of heart!!!! Vidvir
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    R.I.P. Ronnie Montrose

    This ruined my day right here.
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    Texas Flashlight

    May be a re-post but pretty cool just the same. New Proto Type Texas Flashlight - handy to have to walk the dog or take care of any little problem that might come up
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    mississippi gun ranges

    hey, i know of 3 ranges just on the mississippi gulf coast. ho do i add them to the list of ranges in my state. Range53 MAIN Link Removed
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    R.I.P. Gary Moore 1952 to 2011

    A sad day indeed. Most may remember him as the lead guitarist for Thin Lizzy. YouTube - The Boys are Back in Town - Thin Lizzy (1976)
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    sp1 serial numbers

    i am trying to find information on the serial numbers for yearly production runs for the colt ar15 sp1 from 1964 to present. any information will be of great help.